We offer consultation, training & wellbeing support to parents, professionals & organisations who work with children & young people.  We are here to support you to feel confident understanding & responding to challenging & confusing behaviour in a trauma informed way, holistic & systemic way that is evidence based, effective & supportive, for both you & them.

As registered professionals in the social care & well-being industry, we have over 25 years experience of assessment; intervention; care planning; training & leadership working with children & young people within multiple systems, services & organisations. We are committed to sharing our learning & expertise to support you to understand what's really behind the behaviour that you see.

Connection, curiosity, compassion & collaboration are at the heart of everything we do.

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Parents, Carers & Families 

parent consultation & formulation

We recognise that often one of the biggest challenges when helping young people is that they don't feel able to access support or help. We work in a systemic way, considering the young person as embedded within multiple interconnected systems. We offer workshops, consultations & formulations supporting you to understand the potential emotional, physical & relational drivers of the young persons behaviour & therefore consider alternative approaches & responses to create change in a positive way. We want you to feel confident & equipped to fulfil your important & challenging role as a parent or carer. 

workshops & events

Teams, Organisations & Services

consultation & systemic formulation

We recognise that working with young people can feel confusing, difficult & frustrating which can have a significant impact on individuals well-being as well as the teams & systems around the young people. We work in a systemic way, considering the individual as embedded within multiple interconnected systems. We offer workshops, consultations, formulations & training to build knowledge, develop skills, encourage reflective practice & create cultural change. We want you to feel equipped, confident & effective at your role & we know how important that is. 

Workshops, training & events

well-being support



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